About Aqua Wet Cleaning

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a process that uses special equipment and only water based cleaning solutions and systems to process your garments. It’s the latest technology of getting your garments cleaned in both healthier and environmental friendly manner. “Professional Wet Cleaners” use only water based and alternative chemicals & equipment to get your clothes cleaned and the results are fresher, odor free garments.

Advantages of Wet Cleaning System

All substances used in the wet cleaning process product no hazardous water, are safe for workers and pose no threat to customers. What more, wet cleaning can be used to effectively clean 99% garments that are currently cleaned at traditional dry cleaners. Stains disappear easily, clothes retain their shape and size and white garments are restored to their original brightness. At the end of the cleaning cycle, gentle finishing agents are added which leave a light, fresh scent on the garment, no more unpleasant dry-cleaning odors. A smarter and safer choice, wet cleaning is set to revolutionize the garment cleaning industry.

Wet Cleaning System Provider

Our company, DA Laundry Equipments Sdn Bhd has a vast knowledge and experience in setting up a Wet Cleaning Laundry Centre for all our valuable customers. We provide the best imported equipment for wet cleaning which are reliable and gives performance together with wet cleaning solution from Germany. We also provide full course training with all the relevant information to run a wet cleaning centre with no cost for customers who purchase the equipments from our company.